Literature paper

Research a topic of interest and has been approved by instructor. Submit one 6-8 page typed paper, double spaced, 12 point font following APA guidelines. Include a bibliography citing at least 10 resources used researching the paper.

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Paper will be graded on quality of research to support the thesis, effective use of information gained through research, credibility of sources, content, grammar and mechanics, and bibliography.

Literature Paper
(N/A) Meets highest expectations and is usually the result of thorough editing. Points are made clearly, convincingly, directly.
(N/A) Meets assignment requirements, but possibly talks around the point. Has been proofread, but could possibly use more editing.
Needs Improvement
(N/A) Does not meet the requirements. Perhaps rushed.

Quality of Research

— 10 or more cited sources.
–Sources reliable and properly credited.
–All information relevant to thesis.
–Sufficient information provided to support all elements of thesis.
–Research in-depth and beyond the obvious, revealing new insights.
–Journals referenced are academic and current.
–Fewer than 10 sources cited.
–Sources mostly reliable, with credit given.
–Most information relevant to thesis.
–Sufficient information provided to support most elements of thesis.
–Research of sufficent depth.
Needs Improvement
–Failed to cite journal sources.
–Source reliablility questionable.
–Some information relevant to thesis.
–Information provided to support some elements of thesis.
–Surface research.


–Thesis interesting, of appropriate breadth for length of paper & an appropriate topic for research.
–Body sections begin with a clear topic sentence (topic of paragraph + statement)
–Support for thesis complex, complete, & in-depth.
–Writer involved with subject, not merely doing an assignment.
–Body sections are primarily written in student’s words with more commentary and/or analysis than quotes or paraphrasing.
–Thesis somewhat broad or narrow for length of paper.
–Support for thesis sufficient, but lacking in depth or complexity.
Needs Improvement
–Thesis too broad or narrow for length of paper and/or a poor topic for research.
–Support for thesis barely sufficient.

Quality of Writing

–Consistent and appropriate voice.
— Sophisticated and precise word choice.
— Voice mostly consistent and appropriate.<BR>
— Fairly effective word choice.
Needs Improvement
— Voice somewhat consistent and appropriate.
— Correct word choice.


–6 or more pages
–Clear and appropriate organization, with effective transitions, introduction, and conclusion.
–Almost meets page requirements.
–Organization, transitions, introduction, and conclusion slightly lacking clarity and/or appropriateness.
Needs Improvement
–Does not meet page requirements
–Organization, transitions, introduction, and conclusion lacking clarity and/or appropriateness.